Welcome to Kiba’s Kupcakes!

Kiba’s Kupcakes and Kakes are so delicious and we have Dairy Free and egg free, glutenfree  alternatives.  We accept suggested donations from  family and friends to continue helping to make your orders the way you like. We have put in hours of perfecting the combination of the  most tasty, wholesome ingredients for you and your family celebrations and events. Our sweet treats boast flavor, simplicity and Yumminess! We serve  our local Counties as well as other parts of  North Carolina with a delivery fee to get your order to you on time.

Your input into making any event you host an enjoyable one, is our pleasure. We want to make you, your family and friends happy , literally putting “the icing on the cake” or in our case Kupcake.

13 thoughts on “Welcome to Kiba’s Kupcakes!

  1. These are AMAZING!! I never thought something vegan could taste so good! You would NEVER know they are vegan…..They are so pretty too….tasting is believing 🙂

  2. I had no idea these Kupcakes were vegan, dairyfree & eggless.. WOW! You would NEVER know, they are Yum, Yum, Yummy!! I also want to compliment you on your frosting. I am VERY VERY picky when it comes to frosting. Honestly, your frosting is the absolute BEST I’ve ever tasted. Your Kupcakes are so pretty too!

  3. Amazing cupcakes they will take you to far away places and the only time you will come to reality is when your hungry for another one

  4. These kupcakes though!!! very delicious and trust me you can’t just have one, or two, or ten, and they are vegan. Also the presentation is a plus, makes you wanna just look at them, but naturally with me that only lasts about 10 sec .

  5. These cupcakes are 👍👍FABULOUS. They are lovely to the eye and delicious to the taste. Don’t let the word vegan stop you from trying them even my teenage daughters devour them. Way to go Kibaskupcakes.

  6. These cupcakes are delicious! Just thinking about it is making me want more, Please don’t hesitate to place your order.

  7. Honestly I wanted to way I can eat sweets and get away with it; and being vegetarian there aren’t much options out there to “snake” on, and with working out but glory be to the most high GOD for these cup cakes. LOL I shared with my co-workers who might I say aren’t vegetarians and after they enjoyed it and they are we were I bought it from; I said Makiba ( they had a confused look cause they never heard of that store) they couldn’t believe they were vegans. Well I have a a staff meeting on the 16th of July I need a cake for that meeting so I will be ordering soon.

    They are really good. REALLY!!!!!!

  8. They were so yummy!!! The oreo ones and peanut butter ones were my favorite. I can’t wait to have them again.

  9. Kiba I am totally in love with your vegan cakes and cupcakes. Thank you so much for making such a beautiful and scrumptious cake for my baby shower. God has blessed you with a delicious talent and i pray for your continued success as you serve him.

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